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Classic Historical Ethiopian Ge'ez watch



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A brand describing the historical and cultural Ethiopian heritage, culture, and inspiring generations with the historical Ge'ez language.

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What The People Thinks About Our Service

helen daniel

I bought Ge'ez watch to give it as gift. I love the idea of using Ge'ez no which makes it unique and elegant.But it is good to give customers some guaranty along with package.

Robert Anyino

Love Ge'ez watches! It made with Ethiopian numbers and love the crossed one...... there's a choice though with crossed or not. Every color is good and attractive, but my choice was black! I get many good compliments and gave it for gift too. It's a great gift to give anyone..... Good customer service and warranty!

Mehmet Parblo

I’ve never seen such kind of aesthetic design with cultural watches. The design plus the luxurious quality finish on the watch is out of this world.also they have best customer service!!!!! keep it up!

ስለ ግእዝ ይወቁ

history, culture, heritage!

Our brand name is inspired by the historical and cultural Ethiopian Ge'ez language. Ge'ez is a classical language that originated in ancient Ethiopia and is still used in the liturgical practices of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.